Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finals week is not conducive to exercise goals

These past couple weeks were a good example of when one goal interferes with another goal. It was finals week for me at school. I had a take home exam worth a quarter of my grade due this past Monday, and my take home final worth a quarter of my grade due this past Wednesday. So every spare second I had was spent working on those.

But now, after much drama with grades involving me thinking I did everything for the first project right, and finding out I did everything wrong...I'm done!

So I celebrated by going to the gym yesterday. I walked for 5 minutes to warm up, stretched and then started my work out. I jogged for three minutes, and then walked for one. I repeated that system for a little over 30 minutes and ended up completing 1.95 miles. I then walked for 5 minutes to cool down, and stretched.

Which was another hassle, because when the gym is busy there is almost no where to stretch. Normally I go into the studio where they hold classes, but there was a class when I went yesterday. Another good sport is the mat under the rock climbing wall, as long as no one is using it. Which, someone was. After that the only thing you can do is either find a corner, or stretch when you get home. So I found a corner. Despite my stretching though, my legs were killing me during the day. Any advice guys?

While I was warming up, a personal trainer offered to give me 1 free session. So I'm planning on showing him my list of goals, and seeing what he can help me with.

I'm supposed to do weights today, but I don't feel like going. Maybe I will have today be my rest day.