Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello everyone.

How are you today? I'm feeling rather drained. I'm still in my pajamas, hair unbrushed. Although I did brush my teeth at least. I don't particularly feel like dealing with anyone. And if there is anyone around, let's not talk. I'll make you some tea, lend you a book and a blanket and we can sit in silent companionship. Have you ever had a friend you can do that with? I do, a few actually. Mostly my fellow introverts. It can be rather soothing actually, to be able to sit with another human being and not feel like you must fill the gaps and cracks in the world with words, noise, nonsense.

Today what I want is tea, silence, and the space to be introspective. I've been able to enjoy these this morning, but I fear it's coming to an end soon. Tuesdays are the day my parents' cleaning lady comes, which means I have to chose between staying home and making conversation, or going out and running the risk of Friendly Strangers. And then there is class tonight, which requires more interaction.

So for now I am enjoying my solitude. The house is quiet, all I hear is the ticking clock. There's an explosion of green in front of me - house plants on this side of the window, and two trees and lilac bushes on the other side of the window.

Do you ever feel the need to wrap yourself in silence and solitude? What do you do for your mental/emotional health?