Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two new milestones

Lately I have been awful at training. I have a this thing where I take a day off, and it magically turns into a week. Who knew, right? So I have a new work out schedule, which is:

Monday: Short run, Pilates
Tuesday: Weights, Yoga
Wednesday: Medium run, Pilates
Thursday: Weights, Yoga
Friday: Long run, Pilates
Saturday: Weights, Yoga
Sunday: Hot tub/walk on treadmill/aka rest day.

My theory behind this, is that if I get myself used to going to the gym every single day even if I'm not exercising there (see: hot tub) then I won't fall out of the habit of going again. My short runs are a mile. The medium runs are a mile and a half, and the long runs will either be 3 miles, or a 5k (3.10miles) I haven't decided yet.

So, my second mile stone is that I ran a mile and a half today, and I only had to walk for one minute! So excited. It took me 22 minutes and 58 seconds. I did not enjoy myself while I was doing it for the most part, although there were a few minutes when I got into a groove and enjoyed myself. I did feel really good (and tired and sweaty) when I was done though! And then when I got home from work, I did Pilates. Monday I had forgotten to do so, although I did do a quick couple sun salutations after weights on Tuesday.

My first mile stone is that I knocked some time off of my mile! I am now at a 14 minute and 30 second mile. I think the first one I did was about 15 minutes and 30 seconds! Go me!

Tomorrow: Weights and Yoga. Trying to decide if I want to be at the gym at 7 to do weights so I can go to the yoga class at 8...Also trying to decide if I want to join my sister for Zumba tomorrow night.