Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finals week is not conducive to exercise goals

These past couple weeks were a good example of when one goal interferes with another goal. It was finals week for me at school. I had a take home exam worth a quarter of my grade due this past Monday, and my take home final worth a quarter of my grade due this past Wednesday. So every spare second I had was spent working on those.

But now, after much drama with grades involving me thinking I did everything for the first project right, and finding out I did everything wrong...I'm done!

So I celebrated by going to the gym yesterday. I walked for 5 minutes to warm up, stretched and then started my work out. I jogged for three minutes, and then walked for one. I repeated that system for a little over 30 minutes and ended up completing 1.95 miles. I then walked for 5 minutes to cool down, and stretched.

Which was another hassle, because when the gym is busy there is almost no where to stretch. Normally I go into the studio where they hold classes, but there was a class when I went yesterday. Another good sport is the mat under the rock climbing wall, as long as no one is using it. Which, someone was. After that the only thing you can do is either find a corner, or stretch when you get home. So I found a corner. Despite my stretching though, my legs were killing me during the day. Any advice guys?

While I was warming up, a personal trainer offered to give me 1 free session. So I'm planning on showing him my list of goals, and seeing what he can help me with.

I'm supposed to do weights today, but I don't feel like going. Maybe I will have today be my rest day.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is my first test in achieving my goal of running a marathon. Not only am I tired and not feeling like running, but I have a final, and a project due. These are both for the same class. One is due Monday, the other Wednesday. Both are worth 25% of my grade. So, they take priority. But when I need a break - or once they are done- all I have to do is put on my shoes, and I'm out of here!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First run

I did my first run today! I decided to test myself, to see how long I can currently run. After all, how do you know if you've improved if you don't know where you started? I found out I can run for 3 consecutive minutes before I have to slow to a walk or stop and get some water.

I drink a lot of water when I work out. You see, I used to pass out randomly when I worked out. I say randomly because it wouldn't be every time I worked out, and I wasn't doing a brand new exercise. We couldn't figure out why for a while. I went to a cardiologist, got a stress test done, had to wear a heart monitor for a month. It sucked. Then my doctor decided I had vasovagal syncope and told me to drink fucktons of water (Hi, I swear. Hope that's not an issue.) So when I'm working out, whenever I start to feel a little off I gulp some water. And so far, I haven't passed out again. (So far, I've passed out 3 times, and almost passed out once).

The disadvantage of having to drink so much water, is that it makes my tummy all sloshy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A brief introduction of myself and my goals.

Hello! My name is Aileen (pronounced Ay-lean). Welcome to my humble little blog. I like many people, get crazy ideas of things that would be challenging, but awesome to say that they accomplished it. Things like running a marathon, getting published, modeling for an art class or photographer.

Here’s the thing though, I’ve decided to actually work on accomplishing these goals.I will be chronicling my journey with all of it’s challenges and rewards through words and pictures.

I hope it is at least entertaining for you.

I currently have a list of 10 goals, which I expect will continue to grow as I do.

Here’s a little about myself. I am a 20 something woman living in the Chicago land area. I work with adults with profound developmental disabilities, and am earning my master’s degree in Library and Information Science. I am engaged (and no, I haven’t set a date yet) and live with my fiancĂ© in the studio apartment of my parent’s basement, with my parents, sister, and puppy (Although, they don’t live in the studio with us. That would be crazy. They live in the rest of the house). I love words, beauty in all forms, food, friends, and conversation.

I am planning with starting with item #1 on my list, but I will not necessarily follow the rest of the list in order. I may combine, and work on 2 or 3 or 7 at a time. I have decided to work on #1 first for the following reasons.
1. In order to accomplish #2, I have to be able to accomplish #1. (Actually, in order to complete #1, I have to be able to run a mile straight.By which I mean, not stopping to walk after jogging for 2 or 3 minutes.
2. It’s been on my mind the longest.
3. Because I want to.

So! Here are my goals.

1. Run a 5k
2. Complete Chicago 2012 Marathon
3. Learn to box
4. Learn a Martial Art.
5. Learn Yoga
6. Be able to complete entire Pilates floor mat routine.
7. Learn Tai-Chi
8. Complete a triathlon
9. Complete Nanowrimo
10. Model for at art class or photographer
11. Get published
12. Go rock climbing

This by the way, is not my “Bucket list”.My bucket list is:
1. Spend at least 1 week in every country (I have spent 5 months in Rome, Italy, and 1 week in Stirling, Scotland, and a couple weeks in Quebec, Canada)
2. Spend 1 night and day in every state in the United States (Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota and others I am forgetting are already accomplished)

Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions!But please, be nice to each other (and to me, please?).

Those of you who know me in real life, I may be paranoid but please, don’t use my first or last name on this blog. Thanks!