Friday, March 16, 2012

Dream morning, take 1.

My dream morning did not happen this morning. At least, not entirely. I set my alarm to 7:30am, as I did not go to bed until 12:30. Mainly because Fiance doesn't come home until 10:30, and it really stinks to go all day without having a real conversation, or spending any time with him. Which honestly is my biggest obstacle to my early morning dream. Let's face it, his work schedule isn't likely to change. I will have to decide if watching the sun rise is worth not having those couple of hours with him.

It was successful in that I spent some time working on homework. I'm not done by any means, but at least I've worked on it. I will have to choose between exercising, and writing though as I don't have time to do both now.

Fiance is off of work today. Perhaps I can convince him to go for a walk with me after I get off of work. I would like to get some form of movement in today, but by the time I get off of work it is dark still and I am nervous about being a lone woman walking around in the dark. I wish I didn't live in a world where I had to worry about that.

I'm thinking about waking up at 7 tomorrow even though it's my day off. If I continue waking up a half hour earlier every day then it will be easier to wake up before the sun rises. However, it would be nice to have one morning that I don't wake up to an alarm.

So, goals for the week:
1. Work on achieving dream morning
2. Continue working on Master's Degree
3. Continue planning wedding
4. Write
5. Exercise.

If I don't talk to ya'll before then, see you in a week!

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